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"You ruined all my favorite songs." written by Six word story  (via fawun)

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to every bug i have ever killed i am sorry :/


…sorry that your bitch asses came into my house uninvited

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Posted: July 21st


“I trusted you. That was my fault.”

— 7 word poem

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Posted: July 21st
"The hardest thing about depression is that it is addictive. It begins to feel uncomfortable not to be depressed. You feel guilty for feeling happy." written by Pete Wentz (via i-m-i-r-r-e-l-e-v-a-n-t)

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After hiking for twelve hours out of a nineteen hour trek, it was time to watch the sunrise at Dinosaur Ridge. When we first looked out, the mountains were completely covered by clouds, but within an hour the clouds dropped and this was what we saw. It felt like heaven, and you could hear everyone present for this moment screaming and shouting for joy! I’d never seen something so incredible, I had to meditate and have gratitude to have experienced this. Some locals said that they’d never seen the mountains like this, even in their 40+ years of hiking there. (© Ka Ram Shim/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

ya nası ya ciddi mi bu hoffffffffff

İnsanlar neler yapıyor, nerelere gidiyor. 

This is stunning


things i need to do:

  • clean my room
  • get a college degree
  • learn how to have healthy relationships
things i want to do:
  • play with puppies and kittens
  • find someone cute to cuddle and make out with
  • drive to the ocean
things i actually am doing:
  • taking subpar selfies
  • running a semi successful blog
  • listening to sad songs and watching too much netflix

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Posted: July 21st
"I’m lost. And it’s my own fault. It’s about time I figured out that I can’t ask people to keep me found." written by Anne Sexton (via feellng)
"Acting like you don’t care is not letting it go." written by

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i really needed to read this tonight 

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"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." written by Buddha (via psych-facts)

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my mom bought me a camouflage sweater today and i was like mom why did u do that and she said “so u can go hunting for men”

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Posted: July 20th
"Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life." written by Robin Sharma (via northerntendencies)

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